Poster Part 2

2006685788_6f304bc1ae davis2-460x460After I’d finalised the colours of my 4 pictograms I started thinking about how I could use them. I liked the idea of taking a very traditional and simple type of art and mixing it with something more modern and messy. Loosely inspired by designer Joshua Davis I decided to make a scatter brush using my pictograms and just fiddle around a bit. I later came up with the idea of doing a mono version of white on black but couldn’t quite get technicalities right. I still wanted to see what things would look like on a black background however so went back to my original ideas and that’s where the third design comes from. I did however choose to go with the first design after discussing it with my tutor and other colleagues of mine. The main issue with the second one was that I didn’t know what to do with the text underneath the logo.

Since this decision I have altered the information text slightly but that’s all.

Poster 2
Poster 1

poster 3

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