New Year’s Resolution 2016

The other night when I begun to think about my aims for the new year all I could come up with was 2 things:

  • Finish my 2nd year of Uni with acceptable grades
  • See Arsenal win the Premier League (out of my hands I know but finger’s crossed)

But then I started thinking deeper and I came up with 8 things I want to achieve in 2016- the first 4 are to try and improve both my physical and mental health and the last 4 are to feed my creative side:

  1. To try and notice the positives in life
  2. To sort out my body clock and keep it fixed
  3. To eat more fruit and veg
  4. To exercise
  5. To make my blogs more frequent and more interesting
  6. To start playing clarinet again
  7. To read more both educationally and for fun
  8. To watch more films

This past year has had it’s up and downs as always, but I intend to go into the new year with a smile on my face and a positive outlook.

Blog wise I have 28 drafts saved on my account all of which are either unfinished blogs or new blog ideas and I intend to get them all written and uploaded this year whilst continuing updating you all on my day to day life no matter how dark it gets.

Thanks for all the amazing support you’ve given me this year and don’t forget to share the blog so more and more people can see it! ❤

Let me know what your aims are for this year in the comment section below!

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