New Year’s Resolutions 2018

So we’re a month into 2018 and in all honesty I’m still stuck in 2017. You see, I’m still working on last terms assessments. As a result of this I haven’t even properly laid out my goals and resolutions for this year yet. So I’m going to now.

I have one resolution, or in other words, one thing I intend to do for the good of the wider world based on morals and ethics and stuff and that is to avoid using disposable water bottles.

This has actually been bugging me for a while now, back in September the campus Co-op was selling reusable water bottles for just a couple of pounds and I bought one, only never used it because I couldn’t be bothered to rinse it out before filling it up. Pure laziness indeed. On top of the moral side of it, I couldn’t bear the idea of spending £1.50 on something I could get for free out of a tap so got into the habit of buying fizzy drinks or juice instead whenever I got a lunch deal that came with a drink. Anyway I’m not going to give in any longer, at the start of this week I rinsed out my reusable bottle and begun to use it!

The rest of my plans are more goals, in that they are things I want to achieve for me by the end of this year. Last years goals looked like this:

  1. Graduate from uni with at least a 2:1
  2. Start my Master’s degree
  3. See Arsenal win the Premier League
  4. Fix my body clock and keep it fixed
  5. Read 12 books in 12 months for fun
  6. Eat healthier/cook more
  7. Improve and expand my artistic skills (relative but something I’m truly passionate about doing)

I graduated, I started my MA, I gave up on Arsenal, I temporarily sorted my body clock out a few times, I read 3 books, I cooked very little butI definitely expanded my art skills. So that’s 3/7, not quite half but not atrocious either!

This year’s aims look rather similar:

  1. Finish my MA with a Merit
  2. Sort out my body clock once and for all (written at 3am)
  3. Start making Art based videos on YouTube
  4. Complete a series of potential pin designs
  5. Read 6 Books
  6. Cook at least one whole meal every week
  7. Fit into my jeans again

So we’ll see how many of these I achieve. Over the last 2 years I’ve tried starting a monthly favourites blog series and it’s never gone past January so I shan’t try again. I’m just going to stick to writing when I feel the urge. If you want to know when I do write though, don’t forget to subscribe. Why not tell me what your 21018 aims are in the comments? Thanks for reading and happy not-so-new year!


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