De Ja Who| Years and Years TV Review

Within the first few minutes of watching Russell T Davies’ (RTD) new drama I felt as though I was experiencing de ja vu.

If I wasn’t an obsessive fan of the RTD Doctor Who era I probably would’ve been very impressed. The show is super well written and brilliantly directed, it displays a horrifically realistic representation of our current and future society but it doesn’t feel very new. In fact, I feel as though this is just RTD recycling previous ideas. The overall premise of the show, the style of the editing and the use of dramatic music significantly mirrors the 11th Episode of Series 4 Turn Left!

I honestly don’t why I was so shocked when I saw Murray Gold’s name in the credits, I mean I full blown exploded. That one name is the reason the whole show felt so familiar. Looking at his resumé it’s clear to see that he has worked with RTD a lot but he’s a phenomenal composer so it could have all sounded a lot different. The brief he received for this was clearly, ‘do what you did in 2009’.

Having both Russel Tovey and Jessica Hynes in the main cast adds to this also, as both played some of the arguably most liked minor characters from the RTD Doctor Who era. In fact they’re the only two non-companions whom the tenth Doctor revisited during his longwinded goodbye, a scene clearly written not only to pay homage to the tenth Doctor himself but also RTD’s time at the show. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see David Tennant in the cast list further on in the series.

I understand that writers and directors have a style they like to stick to and a team they like to work with. Overall it is a good show even if it is a bit intense I just feel as though RTD could have done it a bit differently. I will probably continue to watch the show and just notice more and more crossovers as it goes along.

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