Oh Brilliant!

I must say that was much better than I was expecting. Admittedly the entire plot was a bit pointless, just a way for Moffatt to add in reminders of his previous characters and plots but the ending certainly ticked all my boxes. I said from the start that The Doctor realising he is now a … Continue reading Oh Brilliant!

First Thoughts About the 13th Doctor!

Well I can't lie I am disappointed. I feel as though this decision has just been made to prove a point. I feel as though it was unnecessary and in a way lazy. Chibnall has basically picked his number two woman from his award winning show and thought, she's good and was easy to work … Continue reading First Thoughts About the 13th Doctor!

Eastenders did it again!

One of my main guilty pleasures is Eastenders. I call it that because as a TV snob I genuinely feel guilt as a result of finding the show pleasurable. But over the last year or so they have pulled off some really good stories- covering issues that aren't discussed on mainstream TV nearly enough. It … Continue reading Eastenders did it again!

Review |Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life |Spring, Summer and Fall

I was going to write a review for each episode but that didn't happen, so here are a few notes I made whilst watching the first 20 minutes of Episode 2 AKA Spring: OMG IT'S MR KIM!- We finally got to meet him! OMG JACKSON!- I love Jackson HAHAHAHA RIVER SONG JUST SAID BREXIT WOULD … Continue reading Review |Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life |Spring, Summer and Fall

Review |Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life |Winter

I wanted to make sure to write this review before the show's revival became old news, but I also wanted to make sure I'd watched and analysed the show to an extent that means I could write a review Rory Gilmore herself would be proud to publish. When I originally read the plans for the release of Gilmore … Continue reading Review |Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life |Winter

Strictly Come Dancing| The Experience

A few weeks back I received both an email and a text from the BBC stating: CONGRATULATIONS! Because I'd managed to get tickets to go and see the infamous Strictly Come Dancing. After being advised by the lovely Carrie Grant, a few days before we went my mum called audience services and discussed the fact that I have … Continue reading Strictly Come Dancing| The Experience

No Offence: Review

Before I start the actual review I want to apologise for the really rubbish title; my previous two reviews have included really great wordplay and this show deserves something much better but I couldn't think of anything, if you do let me know in the comments below 🙂 So review time. Now this is a … Continue reading No Offence: Review

Another Review of Milton Jones

The other day I had the honour of meeting the man they call Milton Jones. Now to me Milton is like the Thierry Henry of comedy. There's no-one quite like him. He is a living Legend and in many ways an idol of mine. The fact is due to my Asperger Syndrome comedy is something … Continue reading Another Review of Milton Jones