Earlier in the year I went around campus recording interesting noises using a wide range of microphones. Then I edited the clips in Adobe Audition and put them together to create what I think sounds like some kind of Alien Spaceship Landing or Abduction thingy! As a sci-fi fan I really enjoyed looking at Radiophonics and … Continue reading Radiophonics

Listening to the Radio

I love listening to the radio however when I moved down to Brighton my beautiful pink, Pure radio simply didn't work, something to do with living in the middle of a load fields by the sea. Anyway, it's made listening to the radio a bit more difficult than planned. I use the BBC iPlayer App on … Continue reading Listening to the Radio

Progress Update 2

So I have now recorded my Soundscape and put it all together. The plan is to listen to it again in the next few days and just make sure everything works as I'm a bit worried there's a too much going on and not enough significant sounds that make it a recognisable place. I've also … Continue reading Progress Update 2

Sound Walk Through The North Laines in Brighton

This is what you would call an epic fail. It was my first time recording off campus and I really mucked up. I put the lapel microphone that I was using in a really bad position and as a result the dominant sound is friction between the mic and my coat/ scarf. Luckily I have … Continue reading Sound Walk Through The North Laines in Brighton