Following the brief the front side of my flyer is exactly the same as my poster ¬†however for the information side I decided to go 'back to my roots'. I thought again about the simplicity and straight lines of Otl Aicher that I loved so much at the beginning of this project and ¬†used those … Continue reading Flyer

Poster Part 2

After I'd finalised the colours of my 4 pictograms I started thinking about how I could use them. I liked the idea of taking a very traditional and simple type of art and mixing it with something more modern and messy. Loosely inspired by designer Joshua Davis I decided to make a scatter brush using … Continue reading Poster Part 2

My Pictograms Part 2

When I redesigned my Pictograms I designed them in a more traditional way. This time I used Adobe Illustrator rather than Photoshop. Despite following a more traditional formula I still wanted to make them mine so yet again added a quiff. This then meant I could also keep my logo and it would still make … Continue reading My Pictograms Part 2