Theme Related Photographers

At the beginning of the term I uploaded a blog titled ‘Inspirational Images’. The second photographer I mentioned in this was Thomas Knights. In his project Red Hot he used his photos to prove a point and change people’s perceptions this is exactly what I want to try and do with my project and is the … Continue reading Theme Related Photographers

Finding My Subject

Right from the start I knew I wanted to do my project at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Due to the fact that I am a member of the Young People's Forum and was recently elected as a member of the Foundation Trust Member's Council. I do have contacts with in the hospital. Back in … Continue reading Finding My Subject

Flash Photography

The other day I borrowed a camera and flash and experimented in my bedroom. Using different levels of light in my room I took several photos: All the photos were still came out too dark but after some fiddling around I noticed the higher the aperture the better the photo. Whilst fiddling at the beginning I … Continue reading Flash Photography

Shop Keeper Task

This was my first task outside of class. I went into the North Laines in Brighton with some class mates and we took some photo in the shop Tribalik. The task was to take a list of different photos of the shopkeeper and their shop: A head and shoulders shot. A wider shot of them in … Continue reading Shop Keeper Task

Landscape Trial

A few weeks ago I did a Landscape Photo Shoot up in Stanmer Park. I have been really struggling to master certain skills but I finally got it towards the end of this trip and I am thrilled with the outcome: The first photo shows really nice framing. I took quite a lot of these … Continue reading Landscape Trial