Interview Transcript

One of my Team Members wrote up a transcript for us to use when thinking about editing and what clips would work where. Transcript of interview – Nick About myself before the army? I er -- I never found anything that I wanted to do I er (.) well (.) school (.) I was a not … Continue reading Interview Transcript

Shot List/Script

Image Sound   Length Source: Original or archive Location Interviewee from head on Interview 4 mins + O Living-room Nicky Interviewee from angle Interview 2 mins + O Living-room Nicky Interviewee fiddling hands Ambient Interview (VO) N/A O Living-room Nicky Interviewee tapping feet Ambient Interview (VO) N/A O Living-room Nicky Close-up of interviewee’s eyes Ambient … Continue reading Shot List/Script

Film Research

Limbo (Duration: 10.00) Directed by Ethan Russell: 2 different angles of interview. Very sharp angles. 1 from left, 1 from right. Lots of cutaway shots: photos of time in army, objects from then, stylised clips of now, photos of now. Questions shown on screen. Interviewer heard 5 mins in asking deep question. 6.22: talks about … Continue reading Film Research

Types of Documentary

Observational: You don’t see the interviewer or hear their questions, it’s as if the camera is filming in real-time. There is direct engagement with the everyday lives of the subjects, observed without any intrusion i.e. Fly on the Wall Documentaries. Expository: There is a constant voiceover/ commentary (The Voice of God) which explains exactly what … Continue reading Types of Documentary