Research| Ending Quote

Throughout the process of making this animation I've struggled to fully get the message of my story across. So I sent out a 3 question survey in order to get a real life quote to post on the end screen: In fact the style of the final scene is inspired my Le Petit Prince and … Continue reading Research| Ending Quote

Research: Soundtrack

The final thing I needed to do was my Soundtrack. I found this really tricky as I didn't want to use music. Originally I wanted to include sound clips from the News and debates in it but after I changed the narrative this didn't really fit in. I took inspiration from YouTube animation series Simon's … Continue reading Research: Soundtrack

Research| Image Inspiration

I drew the majority of scenes over the last few weeks. I took a lot of inspiration from pictures I got off the internet- to speed things up I even digitally traced¬†quite a few of them. Rather than looking for new ideas it became a search for what I had in my head just so … Continue reading Research| Image Inspiration

Update| Animation Finished!

So over the rest of the Christmas Break and the last 2 weeks which we'll call Cramming Period I finished all the drawings and animation! Last night I made the soundtrack as well the credits and titles and put it all together. It was a tough job getting it done and I did fall behind … Continue reading Update| Animation Finished!

Research| Walking Through the Seasons

One of the things I've been finding trickiest from the start is how to show the passing of time without adding a physical timeline onto the screen. This has become even more important now that I'm skipping a lot more time at the bottom and essentially going from 2012 straight to 2014. I have added … Continue reading Research| Walking Through the Seasons

Update| Narrative Changes

As I've been drawing and animating the story and the way it's going to be told has evolved and changed. Whilst animating I've realised that the film itself is a lot shorter than I realised or rather each separate scene is longer. Therefore I've had to reduce the amount of different scenes I'm making and … Continue reading Update| Narrative Changes

Research| ATM Machine

One thing I really struggled to draw in pictogram form was the ATM machine inside the bank. My original drawings ended up looking like a computer. Because it's drawn in 2D it was hard to make it look realistic and keep to the aesthetic of the animation. In order to help me work out what … Continue reading Research| ATM Machine

Update| Edit So Far

I begun my final edit last week¬†and this is all the developments and changes that have taken place so far:   Introduction: I put together the 3 Newspapers I'd drawn and then considered how to animate the page turning effect. After looking at it with my tutor we agreed there wasn't really a sufficient way … Continue reading Update| Edit So Far