New Year’s Blog 2019!

I have been writing New Year’s Blogs for four years now and I think this one may be the hardest for me to write, so I’m going to format it a bit differently. You see, the first nine months of my year were taken up by pretty much just one thing and since completing it … Continue reading New Year’s Blog 2019!

I’m Naughty and Proud!

The past few weeks, my life has felt very uncertain, even my present feels unknown to me. So in order to regain a sense of stability I've been relying on the god-send that is hindsight. My past is after all relatively certain. Over the last two years I have managed to overcome the majority of … Continue reading I’m Naughty and Proud!

Why I Smoke

In the past I've received disapproval from my parents for discussing smoking online. But I have always promised myself that I will be 100% honest when writing and in recent weeks I have been relying heavily on cigarettes. By no means do I argue that they are good for you but the stress I feel … Continue reading Why I Smoke

Punching Without a Glove

For the first time in a while my anxiety is beginning to have a physical effect on me, albeit secondarily. The past few weeks I've found myself being very frequent when it comes to hand-washing. Becoming germaphobic is common for me in highly stressful situations. My mum's questioned me multiple times on how I'm ok … Continue reading Punching Without a Glove

The Future is Now

I'm currently at a point in my life where the now seems just as scary as the future. My anxiety levels have been getting out of control lately so this whole thing may be an over-exaggeration but I don't think it is. As soon as I stop procrastinating essay planning will be in full swing, … Continue reading The Future is Now


It's like a buzzing fly stuck in the canal of my ear, He gets louder as he gets angrier And somehow manages to wedge himself deeper in, Eventually blocking out the rest of the world from my perception. All I can hear now is the thump of my heart and the churning of my stomach … Continue reading Liberation

How Low Can I Go?

I'm stuck in that in-between-term-limbo now. Only handing in my final piece of work from last term just four days before the next one starts means it's much shorter and more intense than normal. I'm having to let go of everything that was stressing me out whilst welcoming in new anxieties and I only have … Continue reading How Low Can I Go?