Tired Babble

It's been exactly six weeks since I last uploaded a blog. Even now I'm not sure what to write I just know I need to write something. I've got through all the hard times and now that the road is slightly smoother (a bit like the local pavements) I'm struggling. As ironic as it sounds … Continue reading Tired Babble

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

So we're a month into 2018 and in all honesty I'm still stuck in 2017. You see, I'm still working on last terms assessments. As a result of this I haven't even properly laid out my goals and resolutions for this year yet. So I'm going to now. I have one resolution, or in other … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Modern Idolatry

Growing up I never had an idol as such. However, there were people/celebrities who growing up, meant a lot to me. One of them is author Michael Morpurgo who I wrote about recently, another is Will Young who I mentioned on my Radio Show (Podcast coming soon). The two most significant, however, shall be discussed … Continue reading Modern Idolatry

I.O.U Mother’s Day Card

Concept: This year for Mother's Day I wanted to do something special, so arranged theatre tickets for my mum and I. I don't yet have the tickets, as they're to be collected on the day, but wanted to give her¬†something that would let her know what was in store.¬† I wanted it to be like … Continue reading I.O.U Mother’s Day Card