Autism Advocacy has a new Leader

The past three days The Chase's Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty has been miles out of her comfort zone. Camp mates and viewers may be feeling admiration and empathy for her but I'm pretty sure very few can truly understand what she is experiencing. As a fellow female with ASD I must say I am in … Continue reading Autism Advocacy has a new Leader

10,000 Steps

The world is caving in on me Enclosing like the shell of an inedible oyster. Each sound and movement makes the tunnel tighter, The spark of light thinner And the air harder to breath. I envy those who move freely, Part of the hustle and bustle not even stopping to think. It is suggested that … Continue reading 10,000 Steps

Punching Without a Glove

For the first time in a while my anxiety is beginning to have a physical effect on me, albeit secondarily. The past few weeks I've found myself being very frequent when it comes to hand-washing. Becoming germaphobic is common for me in highly stressful situations. My mum's questioned me multiple times on how I'm ok … Continue reading Punching Without a Glove

Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

This past week both ASD and epilepsy have been in the news a lot. It’s a strange feeling as for years I've wanted to see both of my conditions nationally discussed but being part of the discussion hasn't had the positive effect I thought it would.  With the announcement of the AIMS-2-Trials I've spent the … Continue reading Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

The Future is Now

I'm currently at a point in my life where the now seems just as scary as the future. My anxiety levels have been getting out of control lately so this whole thing may be an over-exaggeration but I don't think it is. As soon as I stop procrastinating essay planning will be in full swing, … Continue reading The Future is Now

My Relationship with Sleep

My relationship with sleep has never been good. According to my parents, baby me didn't even know what sleep was. In hindsight this was probably due to undiagnosed epilepsy. After all recent-ish EEGs have shown that my sleep is constantly being disturbed by irregular electrical activity. As a kid I found it extremely difficult to … Continue reading My Relationship with Sleep

My Relationship with Doctor Who

My relationship with Doctor Who is the only relationship I've ever had which has maintained a positive balance throughout its entirety. Intrigued by an excited 'woo-oo' sung by my uncle during Seder night of 2005, I was hooked from the first episode of Nu-Who. As I believe I've said before, it created an escape route … Continue reading My Relationship with Doctor Who

How Low Can I Go?

I'm stuck in that in-between-term-limbo now. Only handing in my final piece of work from last term just four days before the next one starts means it's much shorter and more intense than normal. I'm having to let go of everything that was stressing me out whilst welcoming in new anxieties and I only have … Continue reading How Low Can I Go?

My Personal Adventure

Today I went on a personal adventure. I travelled 15miles West along the South Coast of England to a town called Worthing. In the three years I've been at Sussex I've done very little exploring, I'd like to blame this on the incompetence of Southern Rail but the truth is I just chose not to. … Continue reading My Personal Adventure

I Unleashed the Hulk!

I've spent the last 24 hours feeling angry with myself after losing my temper with my Karate Sensei in last night's class. He understood and was in no way disappointed but I was. Throughout my time in school anger was always my main issue, when struggling in any way I would simply lash out, I … Continue reading I Unleashed the Hulk!