Morbid Metaphors

My life is definitely moving forward but at an embarrassingly slow pace. It's a bit like when you stand still on a travelator, only I just don't  have the motivation to start walking and consequently speed things up. I know roughly where I want to go but it seems I don't want to get there. … Continue reading Morbid Metaphors

The One Monster I Can’t Slay

No matter how many personal demons I've beaten this year there's one monster I simply cannot slay! That monster is called PIP. This isn't a case of mind over matter. I've literally not been given the opportunity to start my fight. Or rather we lost the first round and six months later are still waiting … Continue reading The One Monster I Can’t Slay

Creativity and Epilepsy

This is part of the Living Well with Epilepsy Relay Blog! I'm honoured to be taking part so head over to their site to read many more inspiring stories of epilepsy warriors! If you are here from them, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog. Being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of three … Continue reading Creativity and Epilepsy