Well This Sucks!

On the surface my life is really great at the moment. I've just got back from a holiday in Amsterdam, next week I'm off to Southampton to visit a post-grad fair and my creativity appears to be at an all time high. Yet below the skin, there's a massive elephant suffocating me. Now, before you … Continue reading Well This Sucks!

Into the Abyss

The last few weeks I've not felt good. I've had more seizures than I'd like to admit and have been feeling lower than I have done in years. Medication has never really worked on the seizures but for the past two and half years it has done on my depression. The other night I felt … Continue reading Into the Abyss

Everything’s changed yet it will always be the same

Up until my early teens I was a temperamental, sometimes violent child. However because I nor anyone else knew what was wrong with me I couldn't get the help I needed to begin to improve my behaviour.  I eventually noticed what I was doing was wrong and begun to take things out on myself rather than … Continue reading Everything’s changed yet it will always be the same

ASD Meltdowns: The Whole Story

Last night I had a my first ever full blown melt down at uni. I fell apart in front all my flatmates, began threatening them and myself. My mum asked 'why don't you just come home?' well this would have happened wherever I was because right now I'm simply not coping. I'm going to start from … Continue reading ASD Meltdowns: The Whole Story