The One Monster I Can’t Slay

No matter how many personal demons I've beaten this year there's one monster I simply cannot slay! That monster is called PIP. This isn't a case of mind over matter. I've literally not been given the opportunity to start my fight. Or rather we lost the first round and six months later are still waiting … Continue reading The One Monster I Can’t Slay

Creativity and Epilepsy

This is part of the Living Well with Epilepsy Relay Blog! I'm honoured to be taking part so head over to their site to read many more inspiring stories of epilepsy warriors! If you are here from them, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog. Being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of three … Continue reading Creativity and Epilepsy

National Epilepsy Week 2016| My Story

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was just 3 years old, but it's believed I've had it all my life. I have Complex Focal Seizures in the Temporal and Frontal Lobes with Auditory Features. There's no physical cause for my epilepsy so other than medication there's no treatment that can be done. I have … Continue reading National Epilepsy Week 2016| My Story

Epilepsy and Me| Part 2- Univeristy

So a while back I started what I referred to as 'a short series of blogs' except I only ever wrote one edition. Today is Purple Day, a day internationally dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy! So I figured it was time I write the next chapter of this series. Anyone who reads my blog will know … Continue reading Epilepsy and Me| Part 2- Univeristy

Epilepsy and Me|Part 1- Driving

Over the last few weeks BBC Three has been broadcasting their Defying the Label Season and on Monday showed a one off documentary entitled Epilepsy and Me. So far this blog has included little about my own epilepsy, as for some bizarre reason it seemed to calm down whilst I was away at University, however it … Continue reading Epilepsy and Me|Part 1- Driving