My Cooking Journey

January last year I went for dinner at my grandfather's, he asked if I'd ever cooked Aubergine and gave me some tips on recipes he likes to use. In order to later tell him, 'yes I did cook an aubergine', after returning to university a week or so later I made my first bolognese. Of … Continue reading My Cooking Journey

A Crazy Jumble of Stress

Tomorrow I go back to the never ending stresses of university after a 10 day Easter break of doing nothing. I'm panicking. Over the last 6 months I some how managed to break out of the 10 year habit of biting my nails until this week when I bit off all ten at least once- … Continue reading A Crazy Jumble of Stress

An Ode To My Family

We are a medium sized family, five plus the cat. And although being at home is loud and weirdly stressful Most of the time, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.   My mum is a worrier and a bit of a tidy freak But it's understandable And commendable Because without her my life would … Continue reading An Ode To My Family