Punching Without a Glove

For the first time in a while my anxiety is beginning to have a physical effect on me, albeit secondarily. The past few weeks I've found myself being very frequent when it comes to hand-washing. Becoming germaphobic is common for me in highly stressful situations. My mum's questioned me multiple times on how I'm ok … Continue reading Punching Without a Glove

Four Seizures, Four Frustrations

The last two days have been extremely frustrating. On Tuesday I had my second Seizure Day since very slightly reducing my meds four weeks ago. Looking back over 2017 the amount of seizures I'd had was the only negative thing I could think of (I intend to write a blog about it once all my … Continue reading Four Seizures, Four Frustrations

My Personal Adventure

Today I went on a personal adventure. I travelled 15miles West along the South Coast of England to a town called Worthing. In the three years I've been at Sussex I've done very little exploring, I'd like to blame this on the incompetence of Southern Rail but the truth is I just chose not to. … Continue reading My Personal Adventure

I Unleashed the Hulk!

I've spent the last 24 hours feeling angry with myself after losing my temper with my Karate Sensei in last night's class. He understood and was in no way disappointed but I was. Throughout my time in school anger was always my main issue, when struggling in any way I would simply lash out, I … Continue reading I Unleashed the Hulk!

Mini Bonus Blog!

Read the main blog first here! After writing a slightly negative blog I tried to end on a positive note and I chose to do so by using the quote 'Smile, It's Tuesday!' This may seem insignificant to most but to me, those 3 words mean a lot. In my first year at secondary school … Continue reading Mini Bonus Blog!

My Life in Similes!

By the time I upload this tomorrow morning, I'll probably be sprint-walking across campus, 5 minutes before my first class starts at 9am! Right now, however, my glands are behaving like a waterfall, my stomach is burning like a volcano and every limb in body is shaking like a high magnitude earthquake! That's right friends, … Continue reading My Life in Similes!

The Night Before it Begins

It's the night before I return to Sussex to start my Master's Degree. It's my 4th year there and yet I'm sitting here fighting a giant panic attack. I've been putting off my packing all day as every time I think about it my heart starts rushing, my head pounding and my stomach churning. There … Continue reading The Night Before it Begins

Rewind Part 1

Right now I'm struggling not to just write a long list of stereotypical similes. The truth is medically the last few weeks haven't been great for me. 3 weeks ago I ended up in A&E after having a cluster of seizures during 2 of which I turned blue or had¬†cyanosis as the doctors say. I … Continue reading Rewind Part 1

The next ride has begun…

Writing up my end of uni blog yesterday may not have been such a good idea. It brought a lot of thoughts and feelings that I'd been suppressing up to the surface and caused an overflow of panic and frustration which led to me having a meltdown. The most irritating thing about this is that … Continue reading The next ride has begun…

I’m a Social Worm

As I come to the very end of term and stress levels continue to rise I'm feeling all my social anxieties rising to the surface of my overflowing mind. One thing that started bothering me this evening is this feeling I have of constantly being judged. Like a lot of my other issues I'm pretty … Continue reading I’m a Social Worm