Morbid Metaphors

My life is definitely moving forward but at an embarrassingly slow pace. It's a bit like when you stand still on a travelator, only I just don't  have the motivation to start walking and consequently speed things up. I know roughly where I want to go but it seems I don't want to get there. … Continue reading Morbid Metaphors

Things have to get worse before they get better

The past few months have been excessively tough. I've held back from writing because part of me still doesn't want to admit just how bad things have got. Over the 17th and 18th of February I had 30 seizures in just as many hours. It hit me hard (as you'd imagine) both physically and mentally. … Continue reading Things have to get worse before they get better

Tired Babble

It's been exactly six weeks since I last uploaded a blog. Even now I'm not sure what to write I just know I need to write something. I've got through all the hard times and now that the road is slightly smoother (a bit like the local pavements) I'm struggling. As ironic as it sounds … Continue reading Tired Babble

How Low Can I Go?

I'm stuck in that in-between-term-limbo now. Only handing in my final piece of work from last term just four days before the next one starts means it's much shorter and more intense than normal. I'm having to let go of everything that was stressing me out whilst welcoming in new anxieties and I only have … Continue reading How Low Can I Go?

Modern Idolatry

Growing up I never had an idol as such. However, there were people/celebrities who growing up, meant a lot to me. One of them is author Michael Morpurgo who I wrote about recently, another is Will Young who I mentioned on my Radio Show (Podcast coming soon). The two most significant, however, shall be discussed … Continue reading Modern Idolatry

I Need to have a Seizure

The last 2 weeks have been what can only be described as a 2 week cramming session. Today I finally handed in 2/3 projects [Hooray!] I plan to get number 3 in on Monday morning before heading home for a very busy week. The only problem is I've been more stressed the last few days for … Continue reading I Need to have a Seizure

Badly Written Sort of Rant

Those of you who follow this blog will have noticed that the last few weeks most of what I've uploaded has been a bit emotional or depressing. The fact is I begun writing 4 years ago as a way of getting through my day. I would just sit in the library and write out everything I … Continue reading Badly Written Sort of Rant