I’m Naughty and Proud!

The past few weeks, my life has felt very uncertain, even my present feels unknown to me. So in order to regain a sense of stability I've been relying on the god-send that is hindsight. My past is after all relatively certain. Over the last two years I have managed to overcome the majority of … Continue reading I’m Naughty and Proud!

Nineteen Years

With the click of a button it all ends. Nineteen years of struggle and strife Nothing has ever felt so right in my life, Yet it feels so wrong Everything I've ever known is gone. I don't know which route is next But I know I'm ready to work it out step by step And … Continue reading Nineteen Years

Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

This past week both ASD and epilepsy have been in the news a lot. It’s a strange feeling as for years I've wanted to see both of my conditions nationally discussed but being part of the discussion hasn't had the positive effect I thought it would.  With the announcement of the AIMS-2-Trials I've spent the … Continue reading Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

Creativity and Epilepsy

This is part of the Living Well with Epilepsy Relay Blog! I'm honoured to be taking part so head over to their site to read many more inspiring stories of epilepsy warriors! If you are here from them, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog. Being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of three … Continue reading Creativity and Epilepsy

My Relationship with Sleep

My relationship with sleep has never been good. According to my parents, baby me didn't even know what sleep was. In hindsight this was probably due to undiagnosed epilepsy. After all recent-ish EEGs have shown that my sleep is constantly being disturbed by irregular electrical activity. As a kid I found it extremely difficult to … Continue reading My Relationship with Sleep

Four Seizures, Four Frustrations

The last two days have been extremely frustrating. On Tuesday I had my second Seizure Day since very slightly reducing my meds four weeks ago. Looking back over 2017 the amount of seizures I'd had was the only negative thing I could think of (I intend to write a blog about it once all my … Continue reading Four Seizures, Four Frustrations

I Think I’ve Turned a Corner

Just under two years ago I wrote a blog titled 'Why I Can't Quit'. I have two responses to that blog about two different things so you've got yourself a double blog folks! Now this second part is a bit deeper than the first. When I write aforementioned blog I was in a bad place. … Continue reading I Think I’ve Turned a Corner