My Cooking Journey

January last year I went for dinner at my grandfather's, he asked if I'd ever cooked Aubergine and gave me some tips on recipes he likes to use. In order to later tell him, 'yes I did cook an aubergine', after returning to university a week or so later I made my first bolognese. Of … Continue reading My Cooking Journey

My Relationship with Sleep

My relationship with sleep has never been good. According to my parents, baby me didn't even know what sleep was. In hindsight this was probably due to undiagnosed epilepsy. After all recent-ish EEGs have shown that my sleep is constantly being disturbed by irregular electrical activity. As a kid I found it extremely difficult to … Continue reading My Relationship with Sleep

My Depression| Mental Health Awareness Day

Yesterday was Mental Health Awareness Day. I'm quite open when it comes to my issues and the problems I've been having the past few years- I mean I write it all on here. But because I tend to write whilst low I don't think the full extent of what I've faced really comes through. I often … Continue reading My Depression| Mental Health Awareness Day

My Drunk Story

A year ago today I woke up having arrived home in the early hours wet, tired, alone and with my trousers round my ankles. This is how it all happened: Starting with the trousers- I was wearing my awesome beer leggings however whilst putting them on accidentally snapped the elastic waistband- unfortunately I didn't fully realise … Continue reading My Drunk Story

The Shower Mat Story

Now this is one of those embarrassing stories which in hindsight is kind of hilarious but at the time makes you want to curl up in a ball and hide. Now I want to clarify this does not involve the consumption of alcohol or anything else other than air for that matter it's just one of those … Continue reading The Shower Mat Story