The One Monster I Can’t Slay

No matter how many personal demons I've beaten this year there's one monster I simply cannot slay! That monster is called PIP. This isn't a case of mind over matter. I've literally not been given the opportunity to start my fight. Or rather we lost the first round and six months later are still waiting … Continue reading The One Monster I Can’t Slay

Tired Babble

It's been exactly six weeks since I last uploaded a blog. Even now I'm not sure what to write I just know I need to write something. I've got through all the hard times and now that the road is slightly smoother (a bit like the local pavements) I'm struggling. As ironic as it sounds … Continue reading Tired Babble

The Future is Now

I'm currently at a point in my life where the now seems just as scary as the future. My anxiety levels have been getting out of control lately so this whole thing may be an over-exaggeration but I don't think it is. As soon as I stop procrastinating essay planning will be in full swing, … Continue reading The Future is Now

I Unleashed the Hulk!

I've spent the last 24 hours feeling angry with myself after losing my temper with my Karate Sensei in last night's class. He understood and was in no way disappointed but I was. Throughout my time in school anger was always my main issue, when struggling in any way I would simply lash out, I … Continue reading I Unleashed the Hulk!


Behind me is nothing but memories, thoughts and hard, hard work Yet ahead of me is even less, just space, Opportunities and infinite possibilities I've never been so scared in my life. I feel as though I've just got off a three year flight And greeting me is Gene the Genie Hunt. As I fly … Continue reading Limbo

Three Months and Five Days [WARNING: I was feeling very low when I wrote this]

At the moment life is a just a bit too much for me, I think it's fair to say I'm not really coping.¬†After Easter break I have just two classes left and my degree is over. I've even booked the tickets and the robe. Anyone who knows me knows I hate endings, I don't generally … Continue reading Three Months and Five Days [WARNING: I was feeling very low when I wrote this]

An Inflow of Rambling

I think it's fair to say my creative juices have been flooding in lately- I recently opened up a Redbubble shop where you can by a wide range of products with my designs on them! I intend to start writing more about the development of said designs soon as it's a process I really enjoy … Continue reading An Inflow of Rambling