Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

This past week both ASD and epilepsy have been in the news a lot. It’s a strange feeling as for years I've wanted to see both of my conditions nationally discussed but being part of the discussion hasn't had the positive effect I thought it would.  With the announcement of the AIMS-2-Trials I've spent the … Continue reading Discussing the AIMS-2-Trials

US Election 2016: My Reaction

On Tuesday night I felt almost as nervous as I did on the 23rd June and in many ways the experience was quite similar, only when I went to sleep at 3am the result wasn't yet decided. As I described it on Facebook: President Trump was definitely a possibility but not certain, a bit like Arsenal winning the league. … Continue reading US Election 2016: My Reaction

Are armed police officers really reasurring?

It was announced today that the amount of armed police officers to be deployed in London will go up by over 2000 by April next year. As a result there have been a lot of discussions regarding whether this actually makes people feel safer. I've lived in London all my life and personally I don't … Continue reading Are armed police officers really reasurring?

Thank You Eastenders!

As I'm sure many of you have seen in lasts night's episode of Eastender's character Nancy Carter had a seizure. However it wasn't the stereotypical tonic-clonic type so often seen in these shows but rather an Absence seizure! Anyone who knows me well has probably heard me ranting about this at some point in time, … Continue reading Thank You Eastenders!