My Cooking Journey

January last year I went for dinner at my grandfather's, he asked if I'd ever cooked Aubergine and gave me some tips on recipes he likes to use. In order to later tell him, 'yes I did cook an aubergine', after returning to university a week or so later I made my first bolognese. Of … Continue reading My Cooking Journey

New Year’s Blog 2019!

I have been writing New Year’s Blogs for four years now and I think this one may be the hardest for me to write, so I’m going to format it a bit differently. You see, the first nine months of my year were taken up by pretty much just one thing and since completing it … Continue reading New Year’s Blog 2019!

The Woman Who Fell to Earth- My Thoughts

It is hard to critique something when it's almost perfect and last night's opening episode of the new series of Doctor Who certainly was. There are, however, many changes to discuss, the first being Chris Chibnall as show-runner. So far he has done exactly what needed to be done. Chibnall has discussed the fact that … Continue reading The Woman Who Fell to Earth- My Thoughts

Oh Brilliant!

I must say that was much better than I was expecting. Admittedly the entire plot was a bit pointless, just a way for Moffatt to add in reminders of his previous characters and plots but the ending certainly ticked all my boxes. I said from the start that The Doctor realising he is now a … Continue reading Oh Brilliant!

First Thoughts About the 13th Doctor!

Well I can't lie I am disappointed. I feel as though this decision has just been made to prove a point. I feel as though it was unnecessary and in a way lazy. Chibnall has basically picked his number two woman from his award winning show and thought, she's good and was easy to work … Continue reading First Thoughts About the 13th Doctor!

My Monthly Favourites: January 2017

My Favourite Book- Bullet Park by John Cheever: One of my New Year's Resolutions was to read 12 books in 12 months and so far I appear to be on track. John Cheever was an American novelist. My experience with American literature has been a bit up and down, my first experience was back in 2012 during … Continue reading My Monthly Favourites: January 2017